GlassOuse Hands-Free Assistive Device

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Use only your head movements to control your electronic devices with the GlassOuse Hands-Free Assistive Device. The GlassOuse offers an alternative for those who are unable to use or have difficulty using a standard input device. Instead of using a mouse, the GlassOuse tracks head movements through the built-in motion sensor and converts them to move the pointer. By using Bluetooth connectivity, the GlassOuse is free from tangled and messy cords. Even so, it will never disconnect accidentally. Simply wear the GlassOuse like a pair of regular glasses and use your head to navigate the pointer. If you already wear glasses, then the GlassOuse fits just above them. To click the mouse, just bite or press your lips on the mouthpiece. Likewise, the mouthpiece conveniently curves in front of your face like a headset microphone. Weighing less than two ounces, the GlassOuse is comfortable for all-day use.

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