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HARMATTAN Design’s – No Compromises – 14 Leather Bag Collection, Thickest Leather & Exceptional Craftsmanship, Lifetime Warranty. Working for others, in this industry, can be quite frustrating if you mean to excel. What we mean is, that the industrial manufacturer will require that the bag look expensive / qualitative and be as cheap as possible to manufacture as the overriding requirement. Even some bags that go north of 500 $ fall withing this category. We got tired of this type of manufacturing and decided we wanted the chance to do the best that can be done. We discovered that no such chance existed and thus decided to create it. We have tried to recreate the ageless look of the classic leather bag. This type of design has been around for more than a century and has always maintained itself as a standard of elegance. The memories most of us have of grandfathers include bags like these. By lasting as long as they do, these items became an inseparable attachment for the owner. They create memories and get passed from one generation to the next.

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