Hayo Virtual Remote Control System

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Control all of your smart products with ease with the Hayo Virtual Remote Control System. This incredible device enables you to create your very own augmented reality by the use of patented spatial analysis technology. Hayo is equipped with infrared technology to work in low light situations, advanced motion analysis, a 3D sensor that also protects your privacy, and automatic repositioning. Connecting via your home’s Wi-Fi network, Hayo also functions as a home security system when you’re out and about. Using all of these features, Hayo is able to sense your motion, gestures, and the context in order to produce useful controls. By learning your behaviors, Hayo can anticipate and meet your needs exactly when they occur. Brilliantly designed and effortless to set up, Hayo gives you the freedom to spend less time on your device and more time enjoying your home.

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