BeHear NOW Customizable Hearing Enhancement Headset

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Enhance your all-around hearing whenever you need to with BeHear NOW Customizable Hearing Enhancement Headset. While it looks and works like an advanced Bluetooth stereo headset, BeHear NOW also functions as a personal hearing amplifier. It enhances sound in various situations such as in-person conversations, meetings, outdoor activities, live and streamed music, phone calls, watching TV, and more. Users can customize BeHear NOW using the smartphone app, which includes a built-in hearing test. The app also provides simple controls for hearing adjustments in real-time, headset behavior settings, and more. Plus, you can control advanced options such as ListenThrough™, awareness of important ambient sounds through music, and EasyListen™, slowing down incoming speech during phone calls for improved intelligibility. A high-capacity, rechargeable battery enables BeHear NOW operation for over 15 hours in Hearing Mode as well as 600 hours on standby.

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