Here Active Listening – First In-Ear Audio System from Doppler Labs

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Listening to music on the go just became easy and more stylish with Here Active Listening. This set of in-ear audio system will give you the power to take control over real-world sound. With the help of the two wireless buds and a smartphone app, you can now adjust the volume, EQ and effects of the world around you. Whether it’s an acoustic set or a three-day fest, use Here Active Listening to personalize every live listening experience. The app comes with advanced audio tools which will give you dynamic control over your audio environment. Features such as volume control, a five-band EQ, pre-set filters and layered effects like bass boost, reverb and flange will allow you to curate and enhance your listening experience whatsoever. The complexity of the CPU is beautifully masked with the functional wireless design you can plug in anywhere on the go. Overall, it’s everything you would want your modern earbuds to be like – comfy and functional.

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