High-Performance Levitation Display

$249 USD
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Levitate any object up to 1 lb and suspend it 4.5 cm above the base with this High-Performance Levitation Display. The floating disc above the base is a passive magnet. You can place any object that you like on this disc, and it will slowly rotate in midair. You can customize your base with vinyl stickers and cloth covers. The cloth covers are handmade and removable for cleaning. The vinyl covers have an adhesive backside, but you don’t have to stick them to the base. You can just put them on the base without removing the adhesive protection and change them as often as you like. The base can also be hidden under a nonmagnetic surface.You could put it on a table or hide it in a diorama. The standard carrier-disc is covered in matte-black fabric. If you pull off that fabric and remove some glue remains you get a disc with a metal top and a black ring on the underside.

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