House Lannister Ceramic Stein in Red with Gold Rim

$40 USD
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A Lannister always pays his debts. This handmade ceramic stein will quench your debt of thirst! I designed this stylized mug to play with texture and color, with an overall rustic and medieval flare. The surface design is a very subtle vertical striping. On each side you’ll find the Lannister lion pressed into an unglazed crest of white stoneware. The overall glaze is a deep vibrant red, with a bit of variation due to the hand-brushed application of the glaze. This cup definitely makes a statement! The final touch of a gold luster rim is fitting since the name Lannister is essentially synonymous with gold! I make these mugs from rolled slabs, which gives them that unmistakable handmade quality. This is no dainty tea cup! It will comfortably hold a pint of ale or your venti latte.

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