Hushme Personal Acoustic Device

$189 USD
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Keep your conversations private when you use the Hushme Personal Acoustic Device. Worn on your neck, this wearable pairs your speech with acoustic variations to obscure the sound to eavesdroppers. It uses passive voice suppression and active voice masking technology. Hushme uses a variety of sounds that you can customize for your speech. These include the ocean, wind, and even Darth Vader, R2D2, and a Minion. This incredible device also covers your mouth to ensure even the lip readers can’t snoop on your conversations. In addition, Hushme features built-in wireless headphones as well as a microphone. This allows you to complete hands-free calls with the same level of privacy. Finally, you can use the wearable’s built-in speakers as a portable wireless speaker. Using the app to sync with your smartphone, all of your calls can now be totally private.

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