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ISSA play Hybrid Electric Toothbrush

$49 USD
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Meet ISSA play, a new hybrid electric toothbrush from FOREO. Coated in smooth antibacterial silicone, it is designed like no other brush out there. Its brush head combines soft, gum-massaging silicone bristles with PBT polymer bristles. They are hygienically superior to the standard nylon bristles and provide a far stronger teeth cleaning experience. Using sonic pulse technology, this revolutionary toothbrush produces a whopping 9,000 high-intensity pulsations per minute. It cleans each of your teeth and brushes away plaque and food particles. Despite the intensity, ISSA play is gentle and fun, keeping your gums and mouth healthy and happy. Best of all, not only does ISSA play come in five different colors, but is compact and travel friendly so you can have a clean mouth wherever you go.

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