Huawei Wifi Q2 Hybrid Home WiFi System

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Get rid of WiFi blind spots with the Huawei Wifi Q2 Hybrid Home WiFi System. The Huawei Wifi Q2 comes in packs with a base station and a minimum of one satellite, which use a hybrid system. Once you set up the Huawei Wifi Q2, it offers more connection distances and eliminates WiFi blind spots. Additionally, the smart system can even allocate the right connection to the appropriate device. Likewise, it can work with up to 16 base stations and satellites, making it suitable for homes of any size. After you enter your connection details, the Huawei Wifi Q2 takes just two minutes to set up to the plug-and-play slave satellites. From there, it automatically connects to the optimal WiFi channels. Furthermore, it defaults to 5Ghz and even has a channel dedicated to Internet of Things hardware, providing stable connection. The Huawei Wifi Q2 will release in April 2018.

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