Hyphen Muscle Recovery Foam Mattress

$499 USD
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Get the best sleep of your life with the Hyphen Muscle Recovery Foam Mattress. With high-tech material, this mattress helps to regulate your temperature throughout the night. In addition, the foam material is anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic to thwart allergens, viruses, and odors. Each Hyphen Mattress features an advanced three-layer construction. The layers work in unison to support your body while also remaining ultra soft. This design helps to relieve pressure on your body and encourages blood flow. Additionally, the Hyphen Mattress has a wonderful amount of bounce so you feel comfortable yet secure. Finally, the three layers help to deter motion transfer. This means you can get out of bed without disturbing your partner. Available in six different sizes, the Hyphen Mattress will change the way you start each day.

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