Icebreaker – Ice Cubes Made Easy

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We all know the hassle of using ice cube trays and ice cube bags. Imagine a container that you can just fill with water, throw into the freezer in any orientation, and when the water is frozen; you can just rotate the lid to dispense ice cubes. Fill – Freeze – Dispense. We call it the evolution of the ice cube tray! The simple, sophisticated ice cube maker will transform your social life! No more ice cube trays spilling. No more plastic ice cube bags splitting. No more mess in your freezer. No more ice cubes flying everywhere as you try to add them to drinks. No more melting bowls of ice cubes Just perfect ice cubes with a twist of the wrist! So easy for a quick glass of water – so nice to put on the table for all of the family or guests to take the ice cubes they want. We love ice cubes!

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