ICENI – Fountain Pen

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Uniquely designed and personalised fountain pen, made possible by using advanced laser sintering manufacturing technology. The ICENI fountain pen aims to bring unique designs and personalisation to the affordable fountain pen market, whilst maintaining top brand quality and functionality. With the use of advanced laser sintering manufacturing technology, and the help of you here on this campaign, this can be made into a reality. So let me introduce you to the ICENI fountain pen… A key feature of the ICENI fountain pen is the range of unique styles which come as standard. These styles are built into the structure of the pen; meaning each style has its very own look and feel. These structural patterns would be difficult, if not impossible, to create at an affordable price using many traditional manufacturing technologies. However, in this project each pen is manufactured one by one, allowing for endless possibilities. The styles are called Hex, Grid, Arboretum, and Executive; you can select any of these styles for your pen when you pledge for any of the rewards in this campaign.

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