iDockAll 2 – True One Hand Undocking with a Twist!

$29 USD
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The iDockAll 2 is a one hand undocking system that is very easy to use. You need to secure it to your desk, and the sticky pad will allow a true one hand undocking experience. The special cable head that they have designed tilts back and forth in the dock allowing the docking of practically any smartphone or tablet. If you pull your smartphone straight up, it detaches from the dock. If you move your phone back first, and then pull up, the head is released. This means you can keep using your phone without interrupting the charge. That will work perfectly if you’re low on battery! True one hand undocking means that you only need one hand to undock your device from the iDockAll 2. All you have to do is simply grab it and go! Unlike other docks that rely on weight or other tactics to try and offer one hand undocking, the iDockAll 2 uses an adhesive pad that is guaranteed to work.

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