Ikea Nordmärke Triple Wireless Charging Pad

$69.99 USD
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Top up all of your devices with ease with the Ikea Nordmärke Triple Wireless Charging Pad. Compatible with Qi-certified devices, this system recharges batteries without any cables. First, plug in the Nordmärke Charging Pad to a convenient outlet. Using a Qi-enabled device, as well as smartphones or cases, simply place your device on the pad. Incredibly, the Nordmärke Charging Pad will immediately begin to charge your devices. Devices compatible with the Nordmärke Wireless Charging Pad include Google, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, and more. With three spots for charging, the Nordmärke is perfect for your home or the office. Likewise, its solid birch exterior fits in with any interior. Finally, in addition to the charging power, this system has integrated temperature and power monitors to keep your devices safe.

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