Impression π: Mobile VR+AR with Gesture+Position Tracking

$199 USD
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Impression PI is a revolutionary VR headset. It is wireless, enabling unlimited movement, and incorporates 3D gesture control, position tracking, and a perfect combination of both virtual and augmented realities, to provide you the most complete and interactive VR and AR experience. At Impression Pi’s core is a computer-vision powerhouse – made possible by our specially designed sensing hardware, computing unit, and advanced algorithms. 3D gesture control: The computer-vision algorithm processes the images of hands, collects information on hand movements, and generates 3D gesture modeling. The algorithm is highly optimized to perform well on mobile platform, enabling gesture control on mobile VR devices. It’s much more convenient than traditional inputs, as the users are able to interact with VR content in a natural way, easily control UI, take phone calls and etc, without taking off the headset.

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