uHoo Indoor Air Quality Sensor

$299 USD
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Make sure you are breathing healthy air with the uHoo Indoor Air Quality Sensor. Featuring eight sensors, uHoo detects and alerts you of toxins and allergens in the air around you. The sensors include temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, VOC, PM2.5, air pressure, carbon monoxide and ozone. Aside from letting you know when something isn’t right, uHoo also tells you what you can do about it. For example, it might suggest that you air out your space, reduce the use of chemical cleaners or wash your child’s toys. Additionally, the uHoo app offers access to all your data including measurements and history. You can see the effect that your activities and habits have on your health and home. To start using uHoo, just plug it into a power source and sync it with the mobile app. Designed for indoor spaces, uHoo is ideal for your living room, child’s bedroom, office, hotel room and more.

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