Floaty Inflatable Clamshell Float

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Get your float on in style with the Floaty Inflatable Clamshell Float. For your inner mermaid, this inflatable lets you soak up the rays in total comfort. On the side of the Clamshell Float is an extra large double valve. This design gives you the power to inflate the entire float in under 5 minutes. Likewise, the Clamshel Float utilizes this valve system to deflate quickly and easily. In fact, you can open the valves with ease and the float will self-deflate without any extra effort. The Clamshell Float captures the stunning beauty of the shell. The sides are a lovely baby pink while the top is white. The exterior also features a lovely matte finish. Thicker than most floats, the Clamshell Float is highly durable for long-term use.

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