SpotMini Intelligent Robot Dog by Boston Dynamics

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Welcome a new mutt into your family home with the SpotMini Intelligent Robot Dog by Boston Dynamics. This remarkable little four-legged robot can do much more than your standard furball. With 17 joints and electric actuation, SpotMini can carry over 30 pounds. What’s more, this K-9 can avoid obstacles thanks to a 3D vision system. Stereo cameras and depth sensors help the robot to understand its surroundings. The dog also has an optional lifting arm. This adds to the canine look and allows SpotMini to help with chores. The robot runs on its own rechargeable battery pack, which lasts for around 90 minutes. Aside from robo-cuteness, the four-legged design means that SpotMini can easily traverse rough terrain. As a result, you may see soldiers using this kind of technology before long.

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