Plankpad Interactive Bodyweight Trainer

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Experience the benefits of planking with the Plankpad Interactive Bodyweight Trainer. Planks are an effective workout with numerous benefits, including a stronger core, better alignment, and less back pain. Plankpad helps you hold your planks while adding fun activities to make it more enjoyable. Instead of counting every second that you hold your plank, Plankpad incorporates games and workouts through your smartphone or tablet. To begin an exercise, simply download the app and place it on the plank pad to synchronize. Then choose between a game or workout. To play a game, just balance the Plankpad by moving it left and right. Similarly, the workout section requires you to maintain a plank posture while following the various exercises. The app even teaches you how to do the perfect plank. Finally, you can also use the Plankpad as a balance board to work your lower muscles and increase stability.

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