Ferrofluid Interactive Lava Lamp

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Add a fun decoration to your room with the Ferrofluid Interactive Lava Lamp. Similar to the classic lava lamp, the Ferrofluid lamp features a unique display but uses black ferrofluid instead of colored wax. Using patent-pending technology, the Ferrofluid lamp doubles as a motion lamp featuring rising blobs. The ferrofluid moves on its own when you turn on the lamp. However, you can also use magnets to play with the movement of the blobs. You can make the ferrofluid swirl, move up and down, side to side and more. The magnets come with the interactive lamp to provide endless entertainment, though it’s also fun to watch without any manipulation. Finally, the Ferrofluid lamp features a 450-milliliter glass that contains 15 milliliters of ferrofluid.

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