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iotty Smart Light Switch

$55 USD
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Control the light in your home with precision with the iotty Smart Light Switch. This device brings your home to the future. Working with a companion app, iotty is extremely easy to install and uses Wi-Fi to activate the touchscreen. However, this isn’t just another smart device. The iotty Switch sleek and beautiul and enhances your interior. It’s a conversation starter whether it’s on or off even before your guests can see its abilities. With a single tap, you can activate and control multiple lights in your home. With the app, you can create individualized settings for each light including schedules. You can even program iotty to turn your lights off and on according to sunrise and sunset. If you go on vacation, iotty helps keep your home safe by switching between random lighting patterns. This makes it look like you’re home to thwart intrusions. As a bonus, the iotty Switch app also gives you information such as energy consumption, usage statistics, and more. Most incredibly, iotty uses its Wi-Fi connection and GEOLocation to know when you arrive home. This module automatically turns on the lights you need when you arrive. The iotty Switch is absolutely stunning with its contemporary Italian design and a welcomed addition to your home.

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