Iris Lamps

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The Iris Lamps are a unique line of adjustable lamps that gives you the ability to change the light and create the atmosphere in the room. The Iris Lamps transforms their form and the atmosphere in a room by changing their light direction and projections. By adjusting this lamp you can have upward pointing light, a downward pointing light, or a mixture of both. The floor lamp can be adjusted to all directions. The reflective interior casts intricately patterned reflections that change as the lamp’s configuration is changed. The Iris series lamps are the fruit of years of development of the patented overlapping leaves mechanism first explored in lightexture’s Steamlight series. (Patent #8,025,430) Composed of overlapping brass leaves, each Iris Lamp has two adjustable apertures; as one opens, the other closes. When the lower aperture is fully open, light shines directly down, casting textured golden light onto the surface below. When the upper aperture is open, patterned light shines upward and bounces off the ceiling to fill the space with a warm, indirect light. The transition between these two provides a variety of reflections and light atmospheres.

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