Roomba 980 – Vacuum Cleaning Robot by iRobot

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One push of a button is enough to activate the Roomba 980 to clean the floors of your entire house. The robot has been programmed to navigate through your entire house and keeps track of your location as well as recharge itself whenever necessary. There is the AeroForce™ Cleaning System with Carpet Boost which is especially designed for increasing the power of the system when the robots are on your carpets. Together with the iRobot HOME app, you’ll be able to clean your home even when you’re on the go. The iAdapt 2.0 Responsive Navigation will help the robot to adapt to your home furniture and choose the best cleaning necessary for your house. It is also provided with cliff-detection sensors so that the robot never falls down stairs. Cleaning your home was never this hassle-free before.

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