iSafe Drive for Apple and Android Devices

$65 USD
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Thanks to iSafe Drive, you can now stop worrying about the shortage of memory space in your smartphones. Be it for Apple or Android, this amazing device is capable of adding expandable storage and hardware security to your smartphones. Now it’s you and not your phone that gets to decide the amount of memory you require to capture your moments during a vacation. Sharing and storage restrictions can rest in peace from here on. iSafe Drive comes with a revolutionary technology that provides cross-platform sharing by using the available Apple lightning, combination USB/microUSB connector or microSD memory card. All those restrictions you had to face while sharing directly between Apple and Android devices will be gone forever. The iSafe Drive is a sleek, micro-computer design with a processor that supports up to 128GB microSD card storage. All in all, a perfect companion for Apple and Android users compatible with the latest iOS 9.0 and above.

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