iTVGoggles WideView 3D+ Movie Viewer

$549 USD
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Escape on an adventure without leaving your couch with the iTVGoggles WideView 3D+ Movie Viewer. These goggles provide a private 3D movie theater experience complete with high resolution anywhere you’d like. What you see is a 92-inch virtual screen as if you were just 10 feet away from it. The iTVGoggles WideView support both 2D and 3D films and you can even use them to read e-books or view photos and listen to music. The built in storage gives you 8 GB for your media plus a micro SD card slot for an additional 32 GB of storage. On a full charge, the iTVGoggles will give you up to four hours of viewing and the whole unit is completely wireless. The iTVGoggles WideView 3D+ Movie Viewer is ideal for traveling, great for at home entertainment, or even to pass the time between classes.

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