IvoryBoards Affordable Electric Skateboards

$1057 USD
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Take your skateboarding to the next level with Ivoryboards’ Affordable Electric Skateboard. At only 550 USD, the IvoryBoard is a revolution in the price of electric skateboards, but don’t let the price tag fool you. The board’s high-performance design allows riders to reach speeds of 25mph and travel for an astounding 18 miles on one full battery. Designed perfectly for commuters, the Ivoryboard comes with a wireless remote and uses 2000 Watts of power and two hub motors. With a charging time of just 150 minutes, the IvoryBoard features an interchangeable battery, allowing you to carry a spare and easily swap batteries to help you keep riding strong. In addition to its long range, the Ivoryboard can handle inclines of up to 30%. Even with all of this technology, the board remains water resistant, meaning that not even the worst weather can stand in your way. With a high-quality bamboo deck, each Ivoryboard has supreme flexibility and allows maximum comfort for your ride. Finally, as if you needed anything else, the board comes with powerful front-facing lights so that you can ride in the dark.

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