Dream Pen Japanese Ebonite Fountain Pen

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Enhance your writing experience with the 夢万年筆 Dream Pen Japanese Ebonite Fountain Pen. Featuring a traditional and minimal cigar shape design, the Dream Pen uses ebonite material from top to bottom. Likewise, the high-quality material is even present in small parts including the feed, housing, and screw threads. Additionally, ebonite is a durable and warm material that offers a luxurious feel when you write with it. The Dream Pen involves several legendary Japanese traditional arts such as Urushi, Tamenuri, and Maki-e, which date back around 9000 years. Furthermore, each fountain pen is hand-painted by Japanese traditional artisans in Wajima. Similarly, each artwork on the Dream Pen takes many months to create using multiple layers of Urushi. What makes Urushi truly unique is the beautiful lacquer finish, which gets better with age. Finally, the Dream Pen uses Germany’s famous Jowo nibs for smooth writing while the ebonite feeds ensure effective ink flow.

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