Jaq Fuel Cell Charger – Future of Portable Charging

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It’s time to say goodbye to power jacks and switch to a more sophisticated form of portable charging with Jaq Pocket-Sized Fuel Cell Charger. This charger is ideally designed for those who are always on the go and are running out of proper solutions to keep their power hungry devices well charged up around the clock. The device comes with ready power (capacity of 1800 mAh) which is generated from water and salt contained in a slim power card. When the card is inserted into the charger, hydrogen is produced to fuel up the cell and power you on. That’s what you call instant, smart and definitely clean portable charging. To add to its features, both the card and its fuel are made from recycled materials, water and salt. After use, the card can be disposed of as regular waste. An eco-friendly solution you can use to get rid of those power jacks once and for all.

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