Jerk Alert – Worlds First IoT Intruder System

$27 USD
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Jerk Alert is a smart wireless motion sensor with haptic feedback wristband that ends embarrassing situations. Place the wireless motion sensor under the door or outside your room, then wear the wristband that vibrates or beeps when someone crosses your designated threshold. With those extra seconds, you can quickly stop—and eliminate the panic and embarrassment of being walked in on! The wireless motion sensor fits under your door and can pivot 45 degrees towards the direction the intruder will be coming from. Set the wireless motion sensor under your door or detach the “remove-able” arm and place the device either in the hall-way or anywhere in your home. When an intruder crosses the designated thresh-hold you have set, the Wireless Motion Sensor will send a signal to your Wristband in which it will vibrate or beep (depending on your setting).

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