Jetjat Ultra – One-Touch Drone For Everyone!

$50 USD
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Introducing what is believed to be the world’s smallest, live-streaming drone, JETJAT ULTRA. The purpose of creating this mini-drone was to make it easy for anybody to fly a drone. You are not required to know geo-coordinates and complicated GPS signals to fly this drone. It is one of those unusual designs that will bring back the fun flying times with your family and friends. From being able to store it inside its controller to enjoying complete control at the push of a button, this drone can do it all. The team has redesigned the very idea of a nano drone and made it more powerful like most of the top commercial drones out there. It comes with features like auto-landing that wasn’t found in nano drones before. Simply throttle and throw your drone in the air, only to enjoy how it takes off in the sky within seconds.

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