Joseph Joseph Prism Box Grater

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Contain yourself while cooking when you use the Joseph Joseph Prism Box Grater. This device holds all of your grated food in a single spot. The Prism Grater is complete with a container, a lid, and a built-in grater. Simply take out the grater and set it on top. Whether you’re looking for extra zest or extra cheese, all of the grated food goes into the container. It’s super simple to use and helps you maintain a clean worktop. The Prism Grater has four different grating blades on the top. They range from coarse, fine, extra fine, and star. These give you creative freedom to add a variety of textures to use for your dishes. When you’re done, the Prism Grater stores easily in your drawer along with the lid to protect the graters. Featuring durable plastic and stainless steel, the Prism Grater is your new go-to kitchen gadget.

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