Keegan Gibbs “Umbrella” Skateboarding Deck

$60 USD
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This limited edition skateboard deck is 9″ in width and 32 3/8″ in length, designed by independent artist Keegan Gibbs. It’s crafted from premium Canadian-maple and manufactured at the highest quality and performance standards. The deck will be delivered to your doorstep in our custom Kick & Push box including a certificate of authenticity and artist info card. Kick & Push aims to facilitate a conversation between artists and the skateboarding community. We provide the platform for artists to tell their stories through original design creation and promotion. We work to increase their network and visibility by literally putting static designs into motion. The community chooses the designs we manufacture. As unique as your skating style, these decks provide skaters another mode of self expression. The end results are top-quality boards shipped to supporters in beautiful packaging.

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