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Kidzdesignlab Kid-Created Kitchen Tools

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Inspire your children to get creative in the kitchen with the Kidzdesignlab Kid-Created Kitchen Tools. Each product in this range has been designed by real kids with a real passion. With an age range of 8 to 13 years old, the Kidsdesignlab kids offer insight into safety, ergonomics, and everything in between. They even test the prototypes to ensure they’re the best quality. The results are nothing short of genius. There are 7 Kidzdesignlab products. These include a mixing bowl, a chef’s knife, a pot, oven mitts, a step stool, and a pan. Each one puts safety at the forefront of design while also peppering in convenience and innovation. For example, the pan features two safety handles while the chef’s knife has a rounded safety tip. Your kids will absolutely love becoming your sous chef and you’ll love that they’re safe.

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