Kingii Wearable Flotation Bag

$90 USD
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Stay safe while you swim with the Kingii Wearable Flotation Bag. Attaching securely to your wrist with a strong clasp, this is the smallest inflatable in the world. If you encounter rough waves or experience lack of energy to swim up to air, you can simply pull the lever on your wrist to release the CO2 cartridge which then fills the bag. The Kingii is easy to use in times of distress and comes in a bright orange so you can be easily found. Additionally, it has an integrated whistle so you can also be heard from afar. Once inflated, the Kingii and strong and buoyant enough to hold your weight while you catch your breath and preserve your energy while the built in compass can guide you back to safety. Remaining unobtrusive until you need it, the Kingii is perfect for swimmers of all skill levels.

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