Yamazaki Home Kitchen Utensil Holder

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Dry and store your cutlery efficiently with the Yamazaki Home Kitchen Utensil Holder. Suitable for any kitchen, the Yamazaki utensil holder comes with a built-in adjustable drain spout, allowing water to drain properly. Just place the utensil holder next to the sink and position the swivel drain spout for easy access. This handy features also means you no longer have to store the holder in a dish rack. Featuring two large compartments, the Yamazaki holder provides individual slots to separate your kitchen utensils. Likewise, it works with both long and short tools. Instead of storing your utensils in a drawer or cabinet, you can use the holder to organize them on your countertop. Made from ABS resin, the holder is durable and stain resistant. Plus, it also suits any kitchen thanks to its all white enamel.

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