Kloudline – The World’s Lightest Dog Leash

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Kloudline is the world’s lightest dog leash that holds up to 1600 pounds and easily fits in your pocket. It will give you all the control and stopping power of a traditional leash at a fraction of the bulk and weight. This is an ultra strong leash that can easily fit in your pocket and doesn’t break the bank. They are constructed using a braided rope called Dyneema which is extremely strong and lightweight while maintaining a soft hand feel. Most traditional leashes use nylon or polyester webbing for the body of the leash which tends to be bulky and heavy. This is especially true with longer leashes. Kloudline leashes are just 7/64 of an inch thick and have a break strength of 1600 pounds. There are two styles of Kloudline leashes: Minimus and Ultralight. Minimus comes in both 4 foot and 6-foot lengths with a soft polyester handle for comfort and control. Ultralight is just that: extremely lightweight and packable. A perfect accessory to make your dog walks more fun and enjoyable.

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