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Knops Adjustable Acoustic Hearing Buds

$61.70 USD
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Control the noise you hear during the day with the Knops Adjustable Acoustic Hearing Buds. Compact and sleek, these devices remain in your ear yet are totally accessible. With it, you can choose how much environmental noise you hear. In addition, you can also opt for total silence. The Knops Hearing Buds gives you the power to control real world audio all without the use of electronics. The earpiece features a durable yet ergonomic gramophone piece that rests in your ear. On the exterior is a sleek ring which functions as a volume toggle. The Knops Buds work with four steps. These include clear sound, city noise, live music, and total isolation. With the power right in your hands, Knops allow you to seamlessly change between these steps throughout the day. From your commute to needing quiet time, the Knops Buds come with a variety of color options to suit your style.

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