Kurv Guitar – Wearable Design With No Strings Attached

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For those of you who have given up on guitar learning because it takes years to master, here’s your chance to start yet again with the Kurv Guitar. This wearable guitar takes the pain out of guitar learning and makes the whole process easy and hassle free. Kurv can easily fit in the palm of your hand while your fingers will be able to touch eight distinct places on your palm. There are eight notes provided in the guitar which forms the octave and there are eight notes in a scale as well as eight chords in a key. The pad will detect the pressure of your fingertips thus enabling fine control and manipulation of sound. The guitar will even capture your movement in order to help you to control sound. Transitioning from one sound to another is super easy too. It will sense the strumming or plucking movements just like a normal guitar and reacts to your tempo fast and slow. Now that’s what you can consider as the charm of using a stringless digital guitar.

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