KwikT – Compat Mini Trolley For Smart Travelers

$89 USD
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You want to spend as little energy as possible moving your bags out of your house, through the airport, and then back into your house. After all, this is a vacation, and vacation is supposed to be about relaxing. Luckily, we have had suitcases with wheels for a long time now. You can buy them on Amazon or at just about any retailer. What happens, however, when you are, say, out on a hike or walking through a park? What do you do then? You have already committed to the wheels. You can’t very well rip them off and then glue them back on later. Now, with KwikT, you can do something that comes pretty close. KwikT is a detachable trolley that turns any bag or suitcase into a wheeled bag or suitcase. Easy to put on and just as easy to take back off, KwikT is designed to save your shoulders from the pain of hauling around heavy luggage while at the same time adding the convenience of not having wheels on your luggage whenever it suits you.

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