La Lampe Petite – Solar Weather-Proof Lamp

$300 USD
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Your indoor lighting solution can save some energy if you replace your table lamp with the La Lampe Petite. The design being industrious and weather-proof can be used to draw power from the sun and shine thereafter. Generally, after a full day under normal sun, the La Lampe Petite is capable for shining up to 9 hours. The lamp can be used both indoors and outdoors and will make a wonderful lighting solution whenever you need a warm and subtle glow. The lightweight structure with the top ring is easy to carry around. In fact, the powder coated recyclable aluminum frame looks amazing and includes 3 intensity light levels. Light sensor automatically activates the on/off mode so that you are able to save energy whenever necessary. Let the warm glow come to your house in an eco-friendly way.

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