Laser X Micro Blasters

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Play tag wherever you like with the Laser X Micro Blasters. Just five inches long, the Micro Blaster is small and portable. Featuring state-of-the-art sound and light effects, it turns any area into an exciting game of laser tag. Simply strap the receiver onto your upper arm to shoot opponents up to 100 feet away. Similarly, just press and hold the trigger to reload. You can be team red or team blue or even go rogue to blast anyone. Additionally, it lets you know if someone hits you and if you need to reload. Furthermore, you can play with the Micro Blasters both indoors and outdoors as well as during the day or night. One set of Laser X Micro Blasters comes with everything you need for two players. Furthermore, all Laser X gear works together, making it possible to play with an unlimited number of players.

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