Laundroid Laundry Folding Robot

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Let a robot fold your laundry for you with the Laundroid Laundry Folding Robot. With a stunning design and sleek mirrored finish, Laundroid looks great in most homes. But what’s more important than its appearance is what the Laundroid can do. By using multiple robotic arms, Laundroid picks up your clothes and scans them with cameras. It then connects to a server via WiFi that uses AI to analyze the item. Likewise, it features a neural network with more than 256,000 images of different articles of clothing. By using this information, Laundroid determines the best way to handle the piece. It even knows where it should hold it and how to fold it. The Laundroid takes around five to ten minutes to fold one T-shirt. Finally, the app keeps track of all your clothing, allowing you to categorize clothes

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