Sevenfriday M2-02 Layered Rose Gold Watch

$1875 USD
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Adorn your wrist in the ultimate luxury with the Sevenfriday M2-02 Layered Rose Gold Watch. Featuring real gold as well as premium materials, this timepiece will instantly elevate your style. The M2-02, along with the M2-01, features a unique yet striking display. Rather than a traditional set of hours, minutes, and seconds hands, the M2-02 actually has rotating dials. With this, the time slowly moves in a circular motion and the time is indicated by the alignment of the rings. In addition, this circular motion is in contrast to the square shape of the face of the watch. Working together, it creates a stunning aesthetic that is both modern and timeless. Finally, the M2-02 Watch is finished with a durable yet beautiful leather strap to complement the rose gold on the face.

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