Nomad Bi-Fold Leather Charging Wallet

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Go throughout your day with peace of mind when you carry the Nomad Bi-Fold Leather Charging Wallet. This everyday carry item does so much more than just hold your cash. Inside the Nomad Wallet is a 2400 mAh battery. It also features an integrated Apple Lightning output cable. With this, you can recharge your iOS device on the go wherever you go. The massive battery size can recharge your battery whenever it gets low. In fact, it has enough power to bring an iPhone 7 up to 100%. It’s the ultimate peace of mind. In addition to this convenience, the Nomad Wallet is a wonderful wallet. It uses high-quality Horween leather and features a vegetable-tanned brown color. Matching any style, the Nomad Wallet also has an aluminum casing along with polycarbonate caps for the battery.

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