LeEco Smart Road Bike

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Take your cycling to the 21st century with the LeEco Smart Road Bike. Featuring a built-in computer, this incredible machine runs on Android-based Bike OS software. It tracks your speed, distance, and your route. All of this information is visible on the four-inch touchscreen on the handlebars. Using a Snapdragon 410 processor, the Smart Road Bike includes a 4G LTE radio. Also compatible with third party sensors, this device keeps you informed as your ride. Featuring lasers on the handlebars, the Smart Road Bike produces an entire bike lane so you can cycle safely. Of course, the actual bike itself is an incredible piece of kit. It features high-quality materials such as carbon fiber along the frame, handlebars, post, and wheels. This bike is lightweight and efficient and gives you all of the metrics you need.

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