Leef iAccess MicroSD Card Reader with Lightning Connector

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Increase the memory instantly on your Apple device with the Leef iAccess MicroSD Card Reader with Lightning Connector. Plugging into the charging port of the most recent iPhones, iPads, and iPods, the Leef iAccess can hold and provide access to music, videos, photos, and more in seconds. Available in white, this device an also be used to transfer large amounts of content and media between your iOS device and computer without needing to sync it entirely. Never again suffer wit the full memory error message; the iAccess card reader can work with MicroSD cards with hundreds of gigabytes of storage. The Leef iAccess can also read a variety of files including .gif, .mp4, .jpg, .html, .pdf, .docx, and more. Complete with extra docking space, the iAccess will even work with most covers and cases.

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