Lenovo’s Windows Holographic VR Headset

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Get set to experience VR in a smaller and lighter form with the Lenovo’s Windows Holographic VR Headset. This working prototype will work with Microsoft’s Windows Holographic platform. The company made the headset pretty comfortable for regular use. The suspending lenses in front of the users’ eyes are very comfortable. This is also better than securing them in place with a strap. The high-resolution display has two 1440 x 1440 OLED panels. It will use six degrees-of-freedom tracking without using any external camera. Other than the Windows Store applications, the headset will also be compatible with some Hololens software. The two cameras in the front are what makes this headset one of a kind. Coming up on CES 2017, this VR headset is up for sale sometime later in the year between $300-$400.

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