Lenzcase for iPhone 6/6s

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A really superb iPhone 6 case with spring-loaded ‘switchblade’ readers. When you’re out and about… ‘without’ your usual glasses. The Problems: Text just a bit too small to read? Hard to see that mobile web content clearly? What does that wine label say? I can’t read this receipt . . . ? Can someone lend me their glasses? How much ‘does’ that say? If you’ve ever heard anything like that, then read on! Most of us now carry our phones with us all of the time. Smart phones have become an essential item; and not only for calls and text but to search the Internet, emails, navigation and mobile content with the ever-growing use of apps. However we also want to travel light. Particularly when we go out. Jeans and T-shirts only just accommodate the wallet and phone; reading glasses are often the first to be left behind. Big hand-bags are fine but sometimes you just want to take your clutch purse. Every day . . . those of us who need glasses – need them every day!

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