Leonardo – The New Innovative Public Chargebox

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What is it? Leonardo is a new device that allows you to recharge your smartphone in a secure manner. It was designed to be placed in public locations for the convenience of smartphone users such as restaurants, airports, clubs, shops, stores, libraries, etc. Features : Constructed in Plexiglas. Each unit is totally customizable. Basic unit contains four drawers (can be increased), each drawer holds one smartphone. Each drawer is fully equipped with a variety of charger cables which will accommodate most smartphone models. All units can be equipped with 23″ touchscreen last generation LCD monitor which allows playback of movies, photos, real time news, etc. Each unit has built in WiFi router that offers a free hot spot. How it works : Leonardo simplifies everything into one touch. Nothing has to occupy your pockets or your mind, you lose keys and you can forget codes. There is only one thing you can never forget. YOUR FINGERPRINT : The fingerprint reader then analyzes and memorizes the user’s fingerprint in less than a second, and then will automatically connect the user’s print to the first available charge box. The charge box will open automatically. Place phone inside and connect to appropriate cord (many available inside)..close the drawer. To reopen drawer place your finger on fingerprint reader and drawer will open. that’s it! Once drawer is open all fingerprint data is redacted. Many models can be produced, in order to satisfy all customers needs, and all of them are totally customizable.

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